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Green Bay reducing bus fares to encourage ridership

13 Apr 2023 9:00 AM | WIPTA Admin (Administrator)

Green Bay reducing bus fares to encourage ridership

The Green Bay Transit Commission on Wednesday announced they'll reduce bus fares for the rest of 2023, starting April 1.

Monthly passes for adult, elderly and disabled residents will be reduced by $20.

“An adult pass that’s typically $39 a month is now going to be $19 a month. Our reduced fare, which is for the elderly, and disabled, which is typically $29 a month, will now be $9 a month,” said Patty Kiewiz, Green Bay Transit director, at a press conference.

The one-way cash fare for para-transport will also be reduced in half, going from $4 to $2.

Money from the CARES Act — which was introduced to help with economic fallout during the COVID-19 pandemic — was used to support the fare reduction.

Kiewiz said one reason the commission reduced fares is due to lower ridership.

The number of Green Bay Metro riders dropped during the pandemic. Even now, ridership is still only at 65% of normal levels.

“We’re really hoping that this will jumpstart people into getting back and utilizing public transportation and hopefully attract new riders,” said Kiewiz.

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