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Green Bay Metro Bus Driver Retires After 50 Years

12 Jan 2023 9:55 AM | WIPTA Admin (Administrator)

He is the first Green Bay Metro bus driver hired - and he drove his last shift today. Dale Detry is retiring, and he was awarded a plaque for his perfect driving record with a high safety score rating. He got into zero accidents during his entire career.

He started in 1973, when Green Bay bought its transit system from Wisconsin Public Service.

On his last day, Dale Detry observed: “I was always very dedicated and uh, got my rest in order. You got to be real disciplined to do something like that. Just doesn’t happen by accident.”

He added that his favorite part of the job was helping people: “Everybody’s real grateful, especially if they’re new and they don’t know where something is and I point it right out to them right away. I give them the time points and when to come back and they’re really appreciative.”

One of many of Dale’s experiences is driving the 1996 Super Bowl-winning Packers in the parade after the game.

Patty Qiewiz, Transit Director of Green Day Metro, was on hand to say good-bye: “Dale has been some of individuals everyday contacts, personal contacts, you become friends and those types of things so people could always rely on him and they’re really going to miss him.”

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