Madison to Create Transit-Oriented Zoning

9 May 2022 7:34 AM | WIPTA Admin (Administrator)

A press release from the City of Madison announces an effort to create a “Transit-Oriented Development overlay zoning district” that would support denser development near transit hubs and help the city reduce vehicle miles driven. “As recommended by the 2018 Comprehensive Plan, this ‘TOD overlay’ would potentially create development intensity minimums, reduce parking requirements, and support transit use, among other possible tweaks to underlying zoning regulations.”

According to District 2 Alder and Plan Commissioner Patrick Heck, “Paired with the City’s use of our Affordable Housing Fund to support projects close to transit, the TOD changes will not only make it easier to build housing, but easier to build affordable and workforce housing with transit-supported access to jobs.”

District 15 Alder and Transportation and Policy Planning Board member Grant Foster said the goal is to accommodate regional growth while boosting housing affordability, “without the devastating impacts of increasing traffic.”

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