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Metro Transit Maintenance Manager - Full Time

11 May 2023 2:59 PM | WIPTA Admin (Administrator)

The City of Madison Metro Transit is looking for a Transit Maintenance Manager. This is a responsible administrative, supervisory and technical position that directs the personnel activities and functions of the Maintenance Unit (both directly and through supervisors.) Under the general supervision of the Chief Maintenance Officer and in coordination with other Maintenance Managers, the employee must exercise considerable judgment in providing for the planning, procurement, maintenance, servicing, and repair of transit vehicles and mechanical equipment, the buildings and grounds, facilities, and the transit system. Specific program management includes training, safety & security, collective bargaining agreement(s), performance and progressive discipline, diesel and all-electric vehicles, bus shelters, diagnostics and warranty, and new construction or renovation of facilities.

The Transit Maintenance Managers must also be change leaders in the organization, maintain multiple facilities, and manage staff assigned at multiple locations and in the field.

Employees may be eligible for loan forgiveness through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

A completed application will include a cover letter in the Attachments section of the application addressing the following topics.  This letter may be used to determine who moves forward in this process. 

In your cover letter (1-3 pages)  please address the following topics as it relates to your experience:
  • Describe your supervision and communication styles; and how specific leadership skills help you foster a work environment which is inclusive and builds employee morale.
  • Briefly describe a time when you had to deal with or implement rapid change within the workplace and any key takeaways from that experience.

The City of Madison is an equal opportunity employer functioning under an affirmative action plan. We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Black, Indigenous, people of color, women, trans, nonbinary, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply!

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities
  • Foster a culture of civility, inclusivity, respect, and collaboration. Lead Maintenance Unit staff and floor meetings. 
  • Review performance, monitor work levels, and develop skills of supervisory staff. Counsel employees. 
  • Ensure consistent application of policies and contractual provisions by supervisors.
  • Develop performance standards and conduct performance reviews of front line employees, assign work, train, and coordinate with other managers. 
  • Administer hiring procedures. 
  • Resolve grievances and address personnel concerns.
  • Conduct misconduct hearings and determine disciplinary action, discipline employees. Participate/testify in arbitration hearings and/or trials as needed to represent City’s position. Determine interpretation of Labor Contract language for unit. Maintain and monitor DOT “Public Abstract Request System” (PARS).
  • Manage organization wide administrative functions. Plan, evaluate, and coordinate new or renovated facilities and infrastructure projects. Participate in and/or coordinate the development and implementation of departmental policies (new or revised.)
  • Access the overall impact of departmental policies and procedures to ensure their consistent application and implementation.  Coordinate the needs or requests of other units within the organization that impact the Maintenance Unit. Prepare and present maintenance related analyses and reports to Metro leadership. 
  • Analyze procedures and processes using an equity perspective to remove barriers and increase inclusion related to racial equity and social justice.
  • Monitor and coordinate on-going development of Unit safety and training programs through supervisory positions and staff in the maintenance, parts and building and grounds units including apprenticeship program development and the public transportation agency safety plan. 
  • Monitor and coordinate the maintenance of vehicle records, parts records and building and grounds records and computerized information management system including transit asset management tracking. 
  • Oversee vehicle warranty administration. Oversee parts procurements and staff in the Parts Department.  Monitor and review stocking levels and authorize purchases. Monitor trends in work quality, fleet readiness, trouble calls, spare ratios, held buses, energy efficiency, and hazards.
  • Develop and implement departmental policies. Represent Maintenance Unit in Labor Contract Negotiations (prepare Maintenance Unit proposal.). Represent Maintenance Unit in Labor Management Team Meetings (Grievances). Review and update existing policies. Develop new policies as required. Monitor adherence to department policies.  Coordinate impact of department policies with other departments. Work with the Metro Department Equity Team to identify equity goals and implement strategies.
  • Provide technical support functions. Provide technical expertise and trouble shooting in equipment diagnostics and repair. Prepare, revise, and update Technical Specifications for coaches. Negotiate procurement, oversee manufacture, and represent City in pre-production meetings.     
  • Prepare equipment technical specifications. Coordinate technical vendor support. Review and evaluate new products and equipment technologies in the industry.
  • Maintain knowledge of current products and problems associated with current products (changes, updates, recalls, etc.)  Develop program for all electric buses and support vehicles.
  • Perform related work as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Four (4) years of progressively responsible vehicle maintenance experience (or related heavy equipment), and administrative duties relating to vehicle maintenance. A degree or certificate in Diesel Maintenance, Business Administration, Public Administration, or a related field may be substituted for one year of experience.  At least two (2) years of experience must be as a supervisor with leadership responsibility. Transit experience preferred.

If an applicant does not possess the specific requirements outlined above, HR will review the application materials to determine if the applicant possesses the following equivalent experience:

Four (4) years experience in applying the following:

  • Mechanical, electrical, heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair principles, and practices applicable to vehicles or related heavy equipment.
  • Related management principles and practices.
  • Computer and ability to use computer programs, spreadsheets and data bases applicable to the duties of the position.

Two (2) years experience in applying the following:

  • Principles and practices related to alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Full range of supervisory principles and practices, change management and personnel management.

Familiarity with the following:

  • Applicable facility and grounds maintenance principles and practices.
  • Construction or project management principles and practices.

The City of Madison strives to provide exceptional customer service to all its residents and visitors. Therefore successful candidates will have demonstrated ability to effectively work with multicultural communities.

For a complete list of the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities, please see the class specification online.

Special Requirements

Possession of a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License.

Physical Requirements:

Work in this position is primarily performed in an office environment. However, the employee will be expected to physically access all areas of the Metro Transit facilities, including storage and equipment rooms on second floor maintenance areas only accessible by stairs. The employee should also have the physical ability to bend, stoop, and reach overhead in order to access areas on the buses. Employees will be expected to sit or stand for extended periods of time.

Employees may be expected to work or attend meetings during the evening or on weekends as necessary.

Interested, apply here.

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