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community transportation association


Effective public and community transportation contributes mightily to the quality of life of the people living in
the cities, towns and communities in which it operates. The Community Transportation Association helps Americans build these mobile communities.



MetroGO! works to connect people, fuel the economy, and build vibrant, healthy communities of opportunity in SE Wisconsin.

transit cooperative research program


The Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) provides free access to public transportation-related research, reports, and products from the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

Wisconsin Department of Transportation CONTACTS

Public and specialized transit section program contacts and responsibilities.

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www.witransitriders.org | Facebook

The Wisconsin Transit Riders Alliance is a coalition of transit advocates and transit advocacy organizations who share a common interest in state-level transit policy and finance. The Wisconsin Transit Riders Alliance promotes improvements in the state’s transit systems; educates the community about the benefits and importance of high-quality transit; encourages increased transit ridership; and conducts non-partisan research related to transit.

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